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Los pliegos se publicaran en: https://www.unops.org/espanol/Opportunities/suppliers/Paginas/Business-opportunities.aspx

Body Temperature Measure manufacturer

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Product Introduction
Product Parameter
Product Feature And Application
10 minutes to deploy the equipment
10 minutes installation and commissioning in, power up ready to use Built in number statistics for automatic statistics of screened people and suspected alarms, to achieve data based outbreak prevention and control.
Response with non-contact function
Infrared thermal imaging technology provides non-contact measurement to ensure the safety of the detection personnel themselves. Millisecond response does not affect population鈥檚 traffic efficiency and behavior habits.
Product Qualification
Our infrared camera have certification such as ISO, CNAS, CE and the test report issued by Hubei Product Quality Supervision & Inspection, etc.
Factory Overview
Deliver, shipping and serving
Q1: What's the accuracy of temperature detection?
A: The accuracy of our Model HY-2005B is 0.2鈩? and the accuracy of Model HY-2005BE and HY-2005BS is 0.3鈩?
Q2: What's the distance of detection of body temperature thermal camera?
A: Our body temperature thermal camera HY-2005B can detect the temperature from 3 to 12m, the HY-2005BE can detect the temperature from 3-8m and the HY-2005BS can detect the temperature from 2-4m.Body Temperature Measure manufacturer
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