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Electrician Paper Bag Round Copper Wire

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Our History
Since its establishment, the company has made great contributions to the power industry for more than 20 years and has won a good reputation. And with the registration of International Trade Co., Ltd. in 2018, from the domestic market to the global market. The company has strong technical strength, complete product testing equipment, and implements three-level inspection of product quality (in-process production inspection, storage inspection, and factory inspection). The company has implemented quality screening for raw material suppliers, and has not put its products into the factory for suppliers with unqualified quality or unstable quality. In production, the process requirements are strictly controlled to ensure the production of high quality qualified products. It is the sole pursuit of our company to be responsible for the users. It is the mission of the company to offer our qualified products to users.
Our Factory
The company is located in Linyi, the capital of China's trade logistics. Founded in 1997, the company is currently a magnet wire and power equipment company with integrated production and economics. It produces and sells more than 4,800 tons of electromagnetic wires annually. The company has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 scientific research and management personnel. The company has 8 copper and aluminum wire extrusion lines; 4 annealing wire drawing machines; 160 glass wire wrapping production lines; paper/film wrapping production line 32 Article; enameled wire stock of more than 200 tons; extrusion production mold specifications more than 10,000 kinds. Companies adhering to the principle of customer first, customer-centric, do their utmost to improve production efficiency, ensure production quality, use good products to return customers and friends.
Our Product
Double glass fiber covered wire, double glass fiber polyester film wrapped wire, electrical paper wrapped wire, polyester film wrapped wire, polyester imide film wrapped wire, non-woven film wrapped wire, lacquer bag (copper aluminum) Round wire, bare (copper, aluminum) wire, paper package lead, pressed square wire, and other products.
Product Application
Widely used in power transformers, high voltage transformers, wind turbines, electromagnetic chucks, welding machines, switchgear and other power industries.
Our Certificate
National wire and cable quality inspection report, quality management system certification
Production Equipment
The company has 8 copper and aluminum wire extrusion lines; 4 annealing wire drawing machines; 160 glass wire wrapping production lines; 32 paper/film wrapping production lines; enameled wire stocks over 200 tons; extrusion production die specifications more than 10,000 kinds; Online pressure tester 8 sets; all kinds of quality inspection equipment.
Production Market
Long-term cooperation with dozens of domestic transformers, reactors, electromagnetics, wind power projects; and exported to South Korea, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, the Americas, African countries.
Our Service
1. Responsible for organizing the preparation of technical solutions for system integration projects, preparation of tenders, explanations, and user Q&A;
2. Cooperate with customers to complete technical exchanges with users and technical program announcements;
3. Cooperate with other departments of the business department to do user communication, data sharing, technical coordination, etc.
4. Cooperate with customers to complete application system demonstration and product promotion data writing;
5. Cooperate with technical exchanges with partner manufacturers.
6. Follow up the production progress feedback to the customer in time.
7. every step of the product will be strictly tested to ensure the quality of production
8. the product shipped with the quality checklist.
9. If the customer uses the product, if there are other situations, our company will respond in the first time.Electrician Paper Bag Round Copper Wire
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